Me contemplating what to do during a game of Infinity at Outland.

Me contemplating what to do during a game of Infinity at Outland.

Welcome to my log

This is my hobby log! It´s mostly a log for myself on what and how (paint schemes etc.) on my hobbying! But if you find it some what interesting or inspiring, that´s a great bonus!

I started painting minis around 1998 somewhere, I was ten at the time. I was told to buy a starter box containing paints and bowmen, this was the hobby starter pack with paints, brush and 5 or so Bretonnian bow men. I ended up with a blizter of three Wood Elf Waywatchers. I got the painted and one green color, some flesh in the face and brown on the bow. It have evolved from there fortunately! I knew one guy playing, but he quit soon after I started. I got a couple of friends involved in the hobby, and we tried our hands a couple of things.

I continued with a few odd bits and pieces of Warhammer fantasy and tried to play once. Then Lord of the Rings and the Strategy Battle Game came, I started collecting that, but mostly after Two Towers with Uruk-hai and then Minas Tirith when Return of the King came out. I played some with a couple of friends, of which one I still play with!

I later started the easiest to paint ever army, I thought: Tomb Kings. White spray undercoat and a dip in Army Painter flesh tone! I still have a few unpainted ones. Never really got to play them..

I also had a go at 40k around the time Tau came out. I painted a couple of Fire Warriors and a suit, but never got a grip with the game.

I had a couple of periods on and off the hobby, got some models from both fantasy and 40k. I lived in a town where I didn't know many players except for my close friends. In 2011 I moved to a town with a 40k community. I painted up a few Chaos Space Marines in Iron Warrior theme, but didn't play much more than a game or two.

The year after I moved to a new town. Warhammer Fantasy was the big deal here. I dusted off some Tomb Kings, but also started Bretonnia. But after playing some games, and realizing Bretonnias army book was a couple of editions of the game old it wasn't so fun.

Then I moved back to the 40k town, and everyone had started to play Magic: The Gathering instead. So I just painted minis..

Then the current rules for 40k and the announcement for the Norwegian Championships came in 2014. I decided to join in! I started going to our local gaming store Outland every monday night learning how to play the game, and my CSM army grew! I joined the tournament and had a lot of fun! I'll be posting pictures and some logs from what I have been doing since!