First post, quick view of my hobby year so far.

Dreaded first post! What to post here?! First off, I need to get on my own computer and sort out my pictures! Then I can actually start posting some more interesting stuff. I have an instagram account: where I have put up quiet a lot of pictures. I will use pictures from there, but I will do some more writing here. And I will go back and take some new pictures of my models. I've been eyeing a lightbox kit on Amazon!

As I've written in the ABOUT section, this site is more of a log for myself then an interesting read for you, I expect! If you find it even remotely interesting or inspiring, please let me know!

This year started with a monthly challenge with Facing the Grey Tide: The idea was to have a budget of 500 NOK each month and after 6 months have a completed army. One month was allowed a double up month, to allow for more expensive models. I will go more in detail with pictures on what I did, but I painted up a Tempestus Scion Ground Assault Formation, an Imperial Knight and a Chaos Maulerfiend for flavor.

I joined in on an 40k Escalation League, starting with 250 points and increasing that amount every month. I used my Chaos Space Marines, it didn't go so well..and still not finished! Oh, and Khorne Daemonkin came out.. I got some of those of course!

I started a new system: Infinity! I got a whole bunch of PanOceania models. They are really nice, and it is a fun game, but complicated game!

I got back into Lord of the Rings, or well: The Hobbit Strategy Battle Game as it is now called. Early summer I borrowed a 600 points Uruk-hai army and joined in on a tournament at Arcon. I later stripped all my figures and started painting them again. More on that later!

Then Age of Sigmar was release, and I was determined not to get into that. Then the local Games Workshop started a monthly challenge. I have now quite a large dwarf force!

The LOTR/Hobbit/SBG club I'm part of: have a Battle Companies campaign going. We've played for eight weeks now, only seven more to go! For this season!

And this weekend there is the Outland Oslo Open 40k tournament! 1500 point of Khorne Daemonkin! I think that will be my next post!

The hobby year of 2015 has been a busy one for sure!