Norwegian Masters 2016

This past weekend, 16th and 17th of January, the Norwegian Masters in 2016 was held. And for the first time in Norway The Hobbit SBG Master title was up for grabs.

The tournament consisted of five 600-point matches, three on Saturday and two on Sunday. Each match was limited to 2,5 hours. There was 10 participants.

I assembled my Christmas presents on the 25th of December, primed them on the 26th and 27th, started paiting on the 29th. Two weeks later I had it all finished. The list was as follows:

Warband 1. 

Thorin Oakenshield, with the Oakenshield. Army leader.

9 Warriors of Erebor, spear and shield.

Warband 2.


11 Grim Hammer.

1 Grim Hammer, banner.

Warband 3.

Grim Hammer Captain.

12 Grim Hammer.

This list was heavily influenced by Jeremy at the Green Dragon Podcast. I reccomend listening to their podcast, a lot of great content. I did not throw as many 4's as I should have though!

And as I was done with a couple of days to spare, I went over board on a display board. You can see the army and display board in the video below.

On Friday night before the tournament started I was picking up some terrain around town and the gaming table and bringing them to the venue, along with my own terrain. I hit a few snags along the way!

On Saturday I started with playing a game against Magnus. I've never met him, or played the Great Beast of Gorgoroth he brought with him. It was a great first game of the tournament! Hope to meet him again sometime. I won with a couple of points! The second game was against Sebastian and his Dwarf/Elf alliance. I deployed stupidly and Sebastian took the win pretty easy. The last game was against Lasse and his fighting Uruk-hai! Never met a troll, so that was interesting. Fortunatly his army was split from the start so I could concentrate on one part at a time. I won with a couple of points. Lasse came down from Trondheim and stayed at my place for the tournament. We finished the day with a 1200 point game Lasse and Andreas "The Norwegian Viking" against Mikkel, Joachim and myself! Great fun!

On Sunday I started the day by playing the other Andreas (how he refers to himself in the pre-game vid), with his Rohan/Saruman alliance. He slaughtered me, but I pulled the win by having more models closest to the objective. The last game was against "The Norwegian Viking". He had won all four previous games. He had a similar army to the one I won against at Mini-Arcon. You'll see how it went below!

I had a lot of fun at the Norwegian Masters! Although we were only 10 participants and an organizer for The Hobbit SBG there was about 200 participants there! The games where 40k, Age of Sigmar (which borrowed some of my terrain), Inifinity (also lent them terrain), X-Wing, WarMachine and Hordes, Kings of War, Flames of War. And there was a demo for Bolt Action and Frostgrave (which looked really cool)!

Thanks to my opponents and the rest of the players for great games, thanks to Joachim  the SBG TO, thanks to the Norwegian Masters organizers! And thanks to Sara, my significant other, for putting up with my mess, trying to do everything at once in time for the tournament. I still need to clean up stuff!

This is how Monday, post-tournament felt:

Mondais pls

Posted by Teh Lurd Of Teh Reings on Monday, 18 January 2016


Enjoy your hobbying!


Edit, Andreas' journey vlog below: