Happy new year!

It's a new year with new hobby posibilities and new tournaments to be played! The first ones are to paint an Erebor army for the Norwegian Masters tournament in two weeks time!

I hope you all had a great Christmas! I sure got quiet the haul:


Huge thanks to Sara and her parents for all of this! With some additions of my own, Thror's army is getting big!

I made a videolog of the start for Spillforeningen The Fellowships youtube channel. Check it out below! 

I'll be doing these vlogs irregularly as I go along the year. I'll take still photos of the finished models and put them up here.

Andreas the Norwegian Viking and I are going to tackle quiet a large project this year! And beyond, most likley. I'll try to write another post about it soon!

I'm back home now, and I found my pot of Rhinox Hide and got to work: 


Hope to finish the Grim Hammers by Tuesday, and hopefully I'll have some bases in the mail soon!