Relicblade - interesting Kickstarter

Not done this before, but there is a Kickstarter I'd really like to see get made. And get all the stretch goals!

It's Metal Kings Studio's Relicblade: Adventure Battle Game on Kickstarter!

It's a 2-player miniature game, where one side playes as the heroes and the other side is the bad guys. The basic setup is a 2'x2' board. In the middle there's a powerful relic for the players to capture, then the forces fight to the death.

All models have a character card with their lives and skills on, then there's equipment cars which can improve your model armour and weapons et cetera.

So far the heroes are a cool looking Questing Knight in plate armor. A druid with a human and bear form. The last hero so far is a half-dragon cleric with a spirit weapon, think a ghostly hammer, really cool!

The bad guys are the pig-men! Lots of pig-men with dangerous tusks and various weaponry.

Here's a video by the creator, Sean Sutter, about the basic gameplay:

It looks easy enough to learn, and complex enough with the equipment to play differently from game to game. And this is just the start of the game!

I enjoyed watching the battle-report at the great looking Lava Castle, before making up my mind about backing the project:

I've got quiet a few ideas on tables I want to make. Sean made a blogpost about how the Lava Castle table was built! I like the 3'x2' design, so you have half a feet on each side for the cards et cetera!

I have talked to a few friends about this already, so I'm sure I'll have some one to play the game with!

Hopefully you'll make a pledge for this, and help make the project happen and reach those stretch goals!

The two end stretch goals are a fourth "hero", a dynamic posed thief and what looks like a bad guy hero/leader, the Dark Wanderer.

The thief is already sculpted, Sean have put up videos of his process from sketch to finished product on his Youtube channel.

The Dark Wanderer concept is up on the Kickstarter, and is the $19 000 goal! As I'm writing this it's at the $9 950 mark, and 36 to go! I'm sure it'll get funded! Let's go!

I think we can expect a lot more for the game after the Kickstarter! Different bad guys and there's potential for different scenarios and campaigns!

What do you think, please comment your thoughts below!

Enjoy your hobbying!