Back into Infinity

I have finally started getting back into Infinity. Saturday the 19th I went to a friends house to play in what was supposed to be an ITS three game tournament. We ended up only being three guys, so we each played two games, one against each other.

As the new (really cool) Infinity & Beasts of War global online campaign Operation: Flamestrike have been online for about three weeks now, and is ITS compatible we decided to do both.

I have made my very own YouTube channel, like most people, but I can put up what I want there. And the battle reports for Operation: Flamestrike can have videos in them, so I needed somewhere to host those. My commander name is of course While, and I am playing Panoceania!

So I present to you: While Hobbying on YouTube! (I'll be doing the Hobbit/LOTR SBG stuff on Spillforeningen The Fellowship's YouTube channel).

The first game was played in Camp Antela, and the scenarion was Annihilation between Tohaa and Nomads. Gaspoud/Gaspard played Tohaa and Olivier/Bad Doc played Nomads. Watch the recap below:

I then played commander Gaspard and his Tohaa in Tianxian Astroport City, scenario Quadrant Control. The report on the warconsole is still a WIP. Watch the recap video below:

For the last game of the day I played commander Bad Doc and his Nomads in Sagres Orbital Tracking Station. As we intended to play an ITS tournament we could only have two offensive scenarios (Annihilation and Quadrant Control), we could not play Seize the Antennas, so we played a "custom" scenario in the form of the new ITS scenario Decapacitation. It was brutal. The write-up for the warconsole is still in the works. A video recap is below:

Hope you've enjoyed the read, I enjoyed myself at the "tournament". Thanks to Gaspoud for the game, and thanks to Olivier for the game, lunch and hosting the tournament!

I'm doing solid this ITS season, two losses, and two objective points. Wohoo! Guess that means I need to play more Infinity!

Enjoy your hobbying!